Dr. Graziella Chini Zittelli

Researcher at the National Research Council-Institute of BioEconomy (CNR-IBE)

Field of interest: Biology physiology and biotechnology of photosynthetic microorganisms (cyanobacteria and microalgae) of industrial interest.

Research topics: Selection and laboratory cultivation of microalgae strains; Evaluation of the different physiological or stress conditions that favour the accumulation of high value products or allow to produce bio-energy through the induction of lipid/sugar synthesis; Development and optimization of new photobioreactor designs for indoor/outdoor mass cultivation of microalgae and cyanobacteria; Mass cultivation of selected microalgal species for production of biomass as aquaculture feeds, food ingredients and  nutraceuticals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and as source of biofuels.

Experience working with microalgae and cyanobacteria of more than 20 years. Scientific responsible in research contracts with industrial partners and collaborated in several national and international research projects. Member of the EABA Scientific Committee and of the Novel Food working group.


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