Marcello Diano

CEO and Manager of Research and Development

Marcello Diano, electronic engineer, graduated with master degree of electronic engineering at University of Naples Federico II. Founder and CEO of M2M Engineering, with a demonstrated history of over 22 years working in microalgae and biotechnology field. Skilled in research and innovation management, applied reasearch and industrial applications in microalgae, R&D and industrial production, photobioreactors, raceways and biotechnologies engineering processes. Applied research and industrial applications in microalgae, cyanobacteria and biotechnology applied fields. Senior Engineer, with many years of activities in photobioreactors, open and closed systems, also with several scientific publications, he is also inventor of several patents and innovative systems. Primarly responsible for M2M in several funding project, national and EU project, CyanoFactory (FP7, H2 Production), Pirode (H2 production; Minister of Environment, Italy), and several others projects.

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