Paula Pastor Merino


Paula Pastor Merino is a biotechnologist at the Synthetic Biology Lab, I2SysBio, CSIC in Valencia. She holds an MSc in Environmental and Biobased Biotechnology from Wageningen University, with a genuine interest in microbial ecology and bioremediation practices. She has previously worked in industry, gaining experience in strain improvement of microalgae, which are her soft spot, and their cultivation using photobioreactors. Her primary focus was the improvement of high-value compounds' production from specific microalgae strains like Tisochrysis lutea or Phaeodactylum tricornutum. Additionally, she has worked with pilot scale fermenters for carotenoids production from yeast, and also in food-safety departments carrying the analysis of pathogenic bacteria. Above all, she is committed to sustainability and solving current environmental issues using biotechnological approaches.

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