Peter Lindblad

Professor in Biology

Peter Lindblad holds a PhD in Physiological botany from Uppsala University (UU, 1987), did PostDoctoral research in Australia and USA before returning to UU where he was promoted to professor in Biology 2000. In 2009 he moved to Chemistry where he leads Microbial chemistry, a concentrated effort to explore the biotechnological potential of cyanobacteria at all levels. Present R&D focus is on cyanobacteria for sustainable production of chemicals, including fuels, from CO2 and solar energy in direct processes. This includes e.g. photosynthetic butanol production, increased CO2-fixation, efficient H2 production and the development of synthetic consortia. Professor Lindblad has published over 220 publications in peer-reviewed journals and is/was a partner or coordinator in several EU Framework supported projects such as PhotoSynH2, Promicon, Photofuel, CyanoFactory, BioModularH2, Solar-H2 and Solar-H. In PhotoSynH2 he will primarily be involved WP3; “Photosynthetic re-engineering” - Engineering the hydrogenase fusion to the photosynthetic electron flow and Engineering the photosynthetic-hydrogenase electron coupling